Saturday, April 9, 2016

Does Listing a Marathon on Your Resume' Help with Job Search?

I got a text today from a friend and former running student living in another state, saying she had just gotten a job in the corporate headquarters of a multinational corporation.  She casually said that "they chose my resume because of the marathon running".  I pressed her for more details and this is what she said...  "I was chosen out of dozens of resumes.  They told me that marathon runners are generally very hard workers who also imagine long term goals and work well independently."

Certainly this is true.  We can't decide today that we want to run a marathon tomorrow.  We must plan and train for months in order to achieve that goal.  While we can have a training partner, the partner can't run for us....we have to do the running ourselves.  We must do our homework ....our order to achieve our goal.

It all makes sense....marathon runners....despite the time required to train....make good employees.

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