Thursday, December 31, 2015


I was blessed to be able to run 1493 miles in 2015.  That's 23 miles more than in '14...., totally coincidental, but I'm pleased it was so consistent.  . That’s an average of 124 miles per month; or 28.7 per week, for the 52 weeks. 

The 1493 miles in 2015 gives me 51,138 miles since 1977, an average of 1340 miles per year for the 38 full years (not counting the 185 miles in ’77). My 2015 total was just above my average for those 38 years. My least mileage through those years was in 1998 (927 miles) and the most was 2004 miles I did in 2004.  Although my race times have gone south, I'm very pleased that my mileage has remained consistent over 38 years.  

I was able to pass the 50,000 lifetime miles last spring, which was rewarding.  I also ran 2 marathons, Boston and one in Europe (Sparkasse....which crossed into Germany, Switzerland and Austria....all in the 26 miles), in which I was able to qualify for Boston '17.  These were marathons number 61 and 62.  

As I have said before.... I may not can run tomorrow, but I can run today; and I’m blessed beyond measure for that.  

Here’s to a great running year in 2016.  

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