Friday, January 16, 2015

A MARATHON ON YOUR RESUME - Will it make a difference?

"The reason I got picked for the job is because I listed my marathon running on my resume. They actually told me it is proof I am not a quitter.

This was sent to me innocently by a friend and former running student. She just thought I'd be interested her marathons played a part in the hiring decision. I saw it as much more, however, providing a strong statement about our sport.

Does a marathon or two on your resume increase your chances of getting that dream job? Well, what signals would a marathon completion provide a potential employer? Let's count the ways:

*Has perseverance
*Is an effective planner/scheduler
*Knows discipline
*Is strong, physically and mentally
*Can tolerate pain
*Isn't lazy
*Is diligent
*Is in good health
*Understands commitment
*Can manage time and juggle…

And those are just the attributes that come to mind as I'm typing! Certainly this is by no means a complete list.

So, yes, list that marathon on your resume! And if you haven't yet crossed that 26.2 mile finish line, get to it! Neither you nor your resume will ever be the same after you do!

Kenneth Williams, @MarathonKoach.

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