Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Milage Report for 2016

I was most pleased….and blessed…to have been able to run 1483 miles in 2016, only 10 miles less than I ran in 2015.  I was fortunate to be that consistent between the two years.  That’s an average of 124 miles per month; or 28.5 per week, for the 52 weeks. 

The 1483 miles in 2016 gives me 52,436 miles since 1978, an average of 1344 miles per year for the 39 full years (not counting the 185 miles I ran in ’77). My 2016 total was about 150 above my annual average for those 39 years.  My least mileage through those years was in 1998 (927 miles) and the most was 2004 miles which I did in 2004.  I’m very blessed that my mileage has remained consistent over those 39 years. 

I also ran 2 marathons, Boston and one in Cologne, Germany where I was able to qualify for Boston, 2018.  These were marathons number 63 and 64 since the first in Chicago 1978.  

IF….and a big IF….I’m able to complete Boston in 2017 and 2018, that would give me a streak of 16 Bostons in a row, with 17 total Bostons….which I’m very proud to even having that possibility.  

As I have said before.... my running may end tomorrow….but I can run today; and for that I’m blessed beyond measure.


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