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Summer Training - Don Kern, Race Director Grand Rapids Marathon

My friend, Don Kern, writes a newsletter for his Grand Rapids Marathon.  I usually can relate to what he writes.  The part about summer training resonated with me and I thought you might enjoy it.  2 min read.  

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Summer Training

As the summer gets hotter and moves into August, we start finding out really cool stuff about ourselves. The distances that kicked our butts a month or so ago are now "easy runs." Our bodies have adapted to the heat and are cooling off much more efficiently. That "Where's my stocking cap?" feeling prior to going out for a run has become a distant memory. 

August 1995. I was training for my very first marathon. Only 20 years ago. I was planting water bottles at the 4-corners outside of Martin so that I could run around the square in different directions without ever going back past my house and getting tempted to "take a break". I'd run 4, maybe 6 miles and be back at my bottle exchange. I'd try to eat a Power Bar, and that was back when you could break a tooth on one if it was a cold morning. I'd start before 5am because I knew that I'd need the rest of the day to recover from 16, 18, 20, 22 miles. I spent more time on my feet than I ever had. 

It was that perfect combination of pain and happiness. It was the hard time of the training cycle, when doubts as to one's ability could creep in. But I discovered three important things:

1. You actually do have enough strength to get through the miles. If you have to walk a little, or a lot, you can still do it. 
2. Running is not boring. I got to see lots of things along the way. I smelled different smells, listened to birds I never noticed before. It was like my senses were awakening as my body got stronger.
3. The next time you do this distance, it will be SIGNIFICANTLY easier.  

Kenneth Williams, @MarathonKoach.

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