Thursday, June 18, 2015

SPEED TRAINING - Step Down to Step Up

My buddy, @WoodyHarrell, 2:36 @BostonMarathon finisher back in the day (208th place in 1975) suggested an interval workout to help me break out of the speed 'funk' I seem to be under.  This speed workout has been around for a long time, but was new to me.  I named it "Step Down, to Step Up".

While I did it on a track, you can do using your GPS watch.

Start, of course, with a good warm up.  For me it was 2 miles (yes, I wanted to run at least 5 miles in the session and needed 2 to achieve that).

To do one rep, try this:

Race one lap (400 meters) hard....even faster than doing Yasso 800s.

Then, walk/jog for 100 meters (100 meters being 1/4 of a lap....or 1/16th of a mile.)
Then run 3/4 of a lap (or 300 meters) at the same pace.

Walk/jog for 100 meters to recover.

Run 1/2 lap (or 200 meters) at your starting pace.

Walk/jog for 100 meters to allow recovery.

Run 1/4 lap (or 100 meters) fast!

Walk/jog 3/4 of a lap to complete a mile and to recover at the end of your first rep.

If you are a mileage junkie like me, you can count one rep as one mile.

Start with 2-3 reps.  You want to run hard, taxing your current fitness level, but at a pace that will allow you to complete the last rep as fast as the first rep (which I failed on today!)

It teaches your body to run at just this side of an anaerobic pace, and to get your body more comfortable with a faster speed.  Plus it increases lung capacity.

Good luck!!!

Kenneth Williams, @MarathonKoach.

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